5 Steps to Ultimate Personal Sun Protection

When it comes to sun protection prevention is a key

5 Steps to Ultimate Personal Sun Protection

Let’s have a look at the couple financially unpleasant facts about skin cancer treatment:

  • Average treatment costs for skin cancers range from $1,732 for stage I disease
    to $56,059 for stage IV disease
  • The cost of radiation therapy treatment ranges from $2,591 to $3,460 for the
    cheek and $2,559 to $3,431 for the arm

So if you prefer do not spend your spare money and time wrestling with skin cancer there is a set of rules to make your life under the sun easier and help you decide when to wear sunscreen:

  • Sun protection means prevention.
    During the day look at your shadow. Then shortest the shadow the more protection you need.
  • Avoid being near reflective surfaces
    like water, sand or glassy skyscrapers without sunblock. Reflection increases UV rays intensity.
  • Learn your local UV Index pattern.
    Install a mobile app like UVIMate to track UV Index all across the globe and be aware about risky sun time.
  • Foster your sun safety habits.
    Wear long sleeves clothes and hats in a midday. Never expose yourself to the sun without applying sunscreen.
  • Spread the word of sun wisdom.
    Teach your children, friends and family why sun protection is important.

Alex Ershov

Founder of UVIMate - Sun Safety Coach and UV Index Forecast app

Alex is a dedicated NodeJS/.NET technomad with 10 years of hands-on experience in digital media, e-government, telecommunications and print/mail production automatization areas. DevOps practitioner and energetic Sun Safety evangelist.

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