The Best Sun Safety Apps (2018)

Track Ultraviolet Radiation in a nearly real time on your phone or even smart watch

When it comes to sun protection prevention is a key. Even is the best way to avoid sunburn is still the old “Slip, Slop, Slap” advice with decent amount of sunscreen on your palm living in 2018 gives you a decent chance don’t just blindly follow the evergreen rule but also to track Ultraviolet Radiation in a nearly real time on your phone or even smart watch. There is a plethora of apps that eager to make you life under the sun a little bit easier and safer during this summer.

#1. UVI Mate — Sun Safety Coach and UV Index Forecast

UVIMate app could be arguably named one of the best sun safety applications. The app is positioned itself as a Sun Safety Coach and global UV Index tracker designed directly for active people who spent most of their time outdoors. Its moto is clean and promising: “Forget Sunburn, enjoy the sun”.

The most prominent part of the app is a colourful single screen dashboard-style user interface. All the sun safety information is easy to read and access:

  • Real time daily UV Index and forecast
  • Max UV Index for the day
  • Vitamin D time intake time
  • Recommended sunscreen SPF factor
  • Time to Burn and Sun burn control timer
  • Ozone level
  • Best protection time during the day
  • Quick weather update

The real time UV Index tracking is customisable with ability to apply clouds and area reflection factors.

The app distributed as free and offers two subscription options for which you get rigid 6 hours UV Forecast data for each hour and all reflected areas unlocked.

UVIMate is available for Android and iPhone as standalone app and as a homescreen widget and ready to be installed on any of your smart watches (Android Wear and Apple Watch supported) so no more excuses for getting sunburn this summer. And yes, UV Index Forecast is available all around the globe.

Google Play

#2. UVLens — UV Index Forecasts

UVLens is a well known sun safety application that got a lot of press and TV coverage worldwide, backed by New Zealand company Spark64 and has all the features to become your invaluable summer companion.

The strongest side of the app is a deep personal customisation for better sun protection and impressive sunscreen reminder that could be used for just-in-time sunscreen reapply notifications. The user interface is crisp and clean. Hourly UV Index forecast could be quickly checked for today and tomorrow. Protection time for the day is also available but nothing more really.

The app is totally free and available for both platforms — Android & iOS. It offers widgets but unfortunately not available on wearable devices.

Google Play

#3. QSun — Sun Safety, UV Index and Sunscreen Reminder

QSun is another mastodon on the sun safety apps market. The features list is impressive:

  1. Hourly UV Index forecast for today
  2. Environment factor consideration
  3. Sunscreen scanner, reminder and calculator
  4. Weather forecast
  5. Global UV Index map
  6. Personal customisation (log in required) and more.

The app is available for Android and iPhone but doesn’t provide integration for smart watches. Nevertheless the quality of the app could put it on the top of the hip we found the UV Index data is slightly inaccurate for the place we test it at (Perth, Western Australia).

Google Play

Alex Ershov

Founder of UVIMate - Sun Safety Coach and UV Index Forecast app

Alex is a dedicated NodeJS/.NET technomad with 10 years of hands-on experience in digital media, e-government, telecommunications and print/mail production automatization areas. DevOps practitioner and energetic Knowledge Management evangelist.