How UV Index Forecast Works

The sun is new each day.

To make the best sun protection app ever we combined modern mobile technologies, parts of atmospheric science and solid mathematical modeling skills of our team. As a result you could safely enjoy your fun in the sun and leave the worrying to us!

The Sun Awareness. Reinvented.

  • UV Index Forecast calculation is based on the publications of The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI) and The National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) of New Zealand.

  • The clear sky UV Index is real-time corrected by sun-earth distance and is optionally altered by clouds absorption and area reflection factors. The UV calculation has never been so easy and accurate.

  • Based on a personally chosen skin type from the Fitzpatrick phototyping scale UVIMate is able to recommend you the best possible UV protection exactly in a time you'll need it most.


When it comes to sun protection, prevention is key.

  • UV Index Now

    Track UV index & Daily maximum UV for any location on the Earth

  • timeline
    UV Index Forecast

    Follow the 6-hour UV Index forecast & 4-hour forecast on Wear

  • Sun Wise Advices

    Use sunscreen reminder, receive UV Index Alerts & Sun Wise advices

  • security
    Ultimate Personal Protection

    Choose your unique Skin Type, know SPF & Time to Burn

  • cloud
    Weather updates

    Get the latest weather updates, use Clouds & Area Reflection corrections

  • watch
    Designed for Wearables

    Fully Android Wear compatible

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